Every Summer we try to reinvigorate & keep our paellas looking fresh while providing a visual splash of color & taste. On that note, this year we came up with a truly original use of our pineapple centerpiece that we think you’ll appreciate. After carefully searching high & low on the web we were not able to find a similar use of paella, pineapples & floral fauna to deliver such a dramatic presentation for your enjoyment. May you enjoy the visual feast – Paella Guy

Vino & Ribs

Here’s a recipe to try this Labor Day that involves vino and shortribs, two of our favorite pairings for a BBQ. The key to this recipe is the wine, orange juice and lot’s of time. If you can marinate overnight great, if you can do two or three nights even better! Try your own combination of spices but, make sure to maintain equal amounts of vino and orange juice at all times. Happy grilling and don’t work too hard this Labor Day, cheers!

Anvil Ranch & Vineyard Wedding

Recently we had the pleasure of catering a wedding in Western Sonoma County at the Anvil Ranch & Vineyard, this is a 13,000 acre ranch owned by a logging company and is used for retreats, weddings and your personal getaway.

The wedding for Thomas Debiase of Debiase Wines of Healdsburg was an opportunity for us to showcase what we can do with an extreme paella. I will not bother to describe it as the pictures that follow tell the whole story.


One Paella is Tough, Two We are Tougher!

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